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Domestic Meter Option Terms & Conditions and the Meter Fit Process
1. An appointment will be arranged with our approved Service Partner for a meter survey and, if the meter can be fitted at our preferred location and at a reasonable expense, it will be free of charge.
2. If possible the meter will be fitted during the initial visit. We may fit it outside if a suitable chamber already exists. Generally, we fit them inside in the same location as your internal stop tap.
3. If necessary the surveyor may recommend a further visit to install a new chamber outside which could be within your property boundary. This would be discussed with you first. If we are unable to install a meter we will discuss the options with you.
4. It typically takes around 28 days for a meter to be fitted and we will amend your charges from the date of installation. If it takes us more than 90 days your metered charge will start from the 90th day.
5. Please continue with the payments shown on your last bill until advised otherwise. After the installation we will send full details of your new metered account.
6. You can revert to your current way of billing if you contact us within two years of the installation. New occupiers will be billed by the meter, even if you have gone back to the unmetered charge.
Additional Information for Tenants
7. We recommend that you ask your landlord’s permission before applying for a meter. If you have a fixed-term tenancy agreement of less than six months, you must ask the landlord’s permission.

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